What do the hundreds of thousands of courses available online all have in common?

It’s simple, they all use the same format!

Most of them involve somebody talking in front of the camera, reading a text out loud with a bit of reading material underneath and sometimes, an exercise or two.

What if we could do something better than that?

With all the new immersive technology and ultra realistic video games coming out, why should we keep the old boring traditional format of our courses when we could create exciting ones using immersive and interactive modules?

That’s what Noviria intends to do!

At Noviria, we intend to reinvent learning and turn it into a fun, dynamic and empowering experience through immersive and interactive courses.

Our first course is Time Immersion, an immersive experience that teaches the philosophy and science of Time and Time Travel through 22 immersive videos.

Over twelve 3D environments were designed using the video game software Unreal Engine and each of them is explored through the videos. A quest, story and riddles were also added to make the adventure more captivating giving the course a “movie/documentary touch”.

The course also comes with interactive modules found in the reading material section which brings more dynamism to the experience.

Time Immersion is available here and is our prototype course.


– Why this format?

Studies show that immersive learning not only strengthens and broadens memory but also makes the process more enjoyable, dynamic and creative. Moreover, interactive material enhances the engagement level as well as the motivation of learners.

We intend to make our future courses as advanced as possible by merging video game with education. We want them to not only teach external knowledge but also skills applicable to everyday life such as problem solving, persistence, confidence, team work, and other interpersonal skills.

Our ultimate goal is to target children as we believe these skills should be learnt as early as possible. Our children are the future and their education matters hence why Noviria is dedicated to improve the educational system!

However, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal and we need your help now more than ever!

If you are (or know) and educator, psychologist, game developer or anyone that could actively be part of the project, you can contact us here and let us know how you would like to contribute: [email protected]

There are a few options to financially support us: you can donate here, support us on Patreon or the best way is by buying our first course and enjoying its exciting content!

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The future of education starts now! And it starts together!