Embark on an immersive experience and discover the True Nature of Time, The Science of Time Travel and The Secrets of Time Perception


Approx. 4 hours

3 Modules (54 videos)

£99 (GDP)

What is Time Immersion?

Time Immersion is an immersive experience with an educational purpose intending to uncover the Secrets of Time. The course includes three Modules: The True Nature of Time (12 videos), The Science of Time Travel (10 videos) and Time Perception (25 videos).

What Do We Mean By Immersive?

Over twelve 3D environments were designed using the video game software Unreal Engine. Each video takes place in a different environment and follows a story.

In Module I, Melina, the host of the course, shares with you a strange note she received displaying a series of coordinates along with a date and time. After going to the coordinates, you discover a mysterious place with many doors: The Hall of Time. Each door leads to a room where a different aspect of Time is learnt. Each room teaches you more about the science, the quantum physics and the Philosophy of Time.

In Module II, you attempt to fix a time machine you and Melina have found at the end of the first module and for this, you must travel to different destinations in space and learn about the Real Science of Time Travel. You eventually find a way to travel to the past and discover who was behind all of this.



What about Module III?

Module III is dedicated to personal development and is not as immersive as the two other modules. It is instead, more similar to a traditional course format where we explore how to have a better relationship with the past, the present and the future. You will find over 25 videos which include several simple exercises, three meditations and a 45 minutes interview with a Body and Emotion Code Practitioner where we explore ways to heal from past traumas and unprocessed/repressed emotions.

Is This Course For You?

This course is for all the curious minds and truth seekers who wish to better understand some of the deepest aspects of Life, the Universe, Time and themselves. Module I and II will please any science and philosophy enthusiasts and will provide them with much information on Time and Time Travel as well as a bit of entertainment.

Module III is perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their way of life as well as deepening their connection with Self and teaches many things ranging from ways to heal from the past, finding one’s ambitions and planning for the future, to being grounded and mindful in the now moment.

What You Will Learn:

Each lesson contains a video and some reading material.


  • Introduction to Time
  • The Philosophy of Time
  • A Brief History of Time Measurement
  • Relativity Explained
  • Space-Time
  • Timeless Particles
  • Loop Quantum Gravity and The Problem of Time
  • String Theory and The Problem of Time
  • Entropy and The Arrow of Time
  • Retrocausality
  • Higher Dimensions, Higher Selves
  • The 4th Dimension Described


  • Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Entanglement
  • Two Interesting Time Travel Attempts
  • Quantum Tunneling and Time Travel
  • Mozart 40th Symphony Superluminal Experiment
  • Interstellar Time Travel
  • Black Holes and Neutron Stars
  • The Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Wormholes)
  • Time Paradoxes
  • The Casimir Effect and Nikola Tesla Anecdote
  • The Solution to Time Paradoxes


  • Different Time Perspectives and Their Impacts


  • Why You Should Be More Future Oriented
  • Programming Your Future
  • Exercise to Program Your Future (meditation and goals grid)
  • How The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Really Work
  • Why Taking Risks Is Important
  • How To Deal With Failure and Mistakes
  • How To Deal with the Fear of Rejection and Criticism
  • The Dangers of Self Sabotage
  • Resilience and Hope
  • Affirmations To Be More Future Oriented
  • Why Being TOO Future Oriented Can Become a Problem
  • How To Be Less Future Oriented and Reconnect with Self


  • Differences Between Past Positive and Past Negative
  • One Simple Reason To Stop Living in The Past
  • The Physical Impacts of Beliefs
  • Stop Reacting (re-acting)
  • Old Habits, Old Selves…
  • Healing From Past Emotions & Traumas – Interview with Nelson Delgado
  • Healing Tips & Introduction to Body and Emotion Code
  • Shadow Work: Awareness & Acceptance
  • Steps To Forgiveness
  • Meditation To Forgive
  • Building a Positive Past Through Gratitude


  • Different Types of Present Perspective
  • Understanding The Power of Now
  • The Secrets of Mindfulness
  • Living a Mindful Life
  • Escaping The Technology Trap
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Breathing Exercise
  • Conclusion – What is the Best Time Perspective?
  • End Credits – Thank You!

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