Hi I’m Melina, Founder of Noviria Project!

My mission is to create an innovation school focused on self-discovery and the development of important 21st century skills to help children thrive in life!

I moved from France to England in 2018 and started my career as a Cyber Security professional in London. Despite my interest in the tech industry, I felt a deeper calling to connect with people and support their growth. This led me to teaching!

I began by teaching cyber security to adults and eventually became a lecturer in personal and professional development at a prestigious college in South West England. I currently teach teenagers vital life skills and mentor them through the many challenges they face.

I believe that the current school system is too focused on the development of academic skills and neglects essential life skills and personal growth, leaving children unprepared for real-world challenges.

Noviria Project is my endeavor to share years of research, insights, and personal experiences with like-minded people. Together, we aim to answer the crucial question:

What does the ideal 21st-century school look like?




How it all started:

Noviria was born in 2021.

I originally embarked on a mission to explore existential concepts surrounding the universe, consciousness, and the nature of reality. My initial aim was to make these complex topics accessible to all, blending education with entertainment using video games attributes.

My first course, “Time Immersion,” released in 2022, featured twelve 3D environments using the video game software Unreal Engine. The aim of the course was to create an immersive experience to learn more about the physics and philosophy of time and time travel.

With the help of a green screen and special effects, I acted within those environments and created a story line centered around a mysterious quest containing riddles to solve and artefacts to find.

This 54 video course became my first creative project aimed at gamifying education!


To have a look at the official course trailer, click here.

I would love to hear from you!

For any inquiries, contact me at: [email protected] I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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