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Studies show that immersive learning not only strengthens and broadens memory but also makes the process more enjoyable, dynamic and creative.

Our courses include videos which contain 3D environments designed using the video game software Unreal Engine. Each environment is explored and teaches different insights.

Various quests, riddles and storylines are also used to make the adventure more captivating.


Is Time an illusion?

The true nature of Time has been one of the Universe’s biggest enigmas for centuries.

Embark on an immersive journey and explore eye-opening scientific and philosophical concepts surrounding The True Nature of Time, The Science of Time Travel and The Secrets of Time Perception.

What can you find on Noviria?

The Encyclopedia

From quantum physics, to philosophy and consciousness; explore the multiple layers of reality through countless articles in the Encyclopedia

The Academy

Explore other worlds, become part of a quest of knowledge and learn about complex Universal concepts
whilst having fun with our immersive courses

  • Deep Laws of Nature
  • Quantum Physics
  • Mysteries of the Cosmos
  • Consciousness
  • Meaning and Purpose of Life
  • Spiritual and Personal Development
  • Philosophy and Metaphysics

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What makes the Academy so special?

A Format Never Used Before

Ever seen a course made with a video game software?

Our courses are created using the software Unreal Engine and are designed in such a way that the process of learning becomes a captivating and immersive adventure.

Mixing Entertainment With Education

What if you could watch a course that looks and feels like a movie?

Our courses turn learning into a more dynamic, fun and unforgettable experience and allow your brain to retain information much better.

Guaranteed Reality Shift

Ever had your reality shifted?

Our courses will allow you to see the world you take for granted under a new Light as you begin to grasp the deepest concepts
surrounding the True Nature of the Universe. Our True Nature.

We intend to revolutionise education, here’s how:

In an era that is heading towards virtual reality, it makes sense that our approach to learning must change. Entertainment is slowy taking over education and learning in general is labelled as ‘boring’.

We intend to change this.

Our mission is to not only create immersive courses but also make them interactive by merging education and video game. This will not only motivate people to learn more, but also aid them in memorising the insights covered in each course.

But it doesn’t stop there. We share a deep passion for the mysteries of the Universe. Great thinkers throughout Time have been trying to answer the most complex questions surrounding reality and our place in the Universe.

Sharing the beautiful knowledge and wisdom found in fields such as philosophy, science and spirituality is one of our dearest missions.

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